I say multidisciplinary designer because I started off my 10 year career as a brand identity designer who became well known among peers for my methodical design process that produced some really happy clients for international businesses and global initiatives.

The rest is history, but if you’re like me, and you like to talk, by all means… continue and take a look at all the hats I’ve worn since.

All the hats I wear:

Website Design (10 years), Art Direction (4 years) Interactive Design (4 years), Content Strategist (3 years), Conversion Strategist (2 years), and UX Design (4 years)

I say strategist because good design is only “good” when it is first effective, and accomplishes its desired goal. Example: Converting more website visitors into buyers.

That is why every design project is first led by strategy to ensure that every dollar goes towards a tangible result that ultimately improves the bottom line of any organization.

Heres what that means for you:

Through my strategic design process and user-centric designing, I positively effect your bottom line by crafting creative solutions to maximize your leads and out-perform your competition.

By now as I am sure you can tell, I am wordy, very long winded talker. So start a possibly long, but great, productive conversation!

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