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Lead Conversion Strategy

Get traffic, build the list, provide value, grow support.
Apologia Church is known for its yearly outreach to the Mormon community with the gospel. Although they get 100k+ views on their live streams they did not have a list of these people or a way to reach out to them to help support and also ask for support.
Get traffic
Before you plan out a landing page, and make a lead magnet, you have to strategize on how you will get traffic to the landing page. So we created a video of a quick interaction between a mormon and Pastor Jeff in which he passes out the free lead magnet that will collect peoples contact information.
The lead magnet
A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

In this case, we used the mormon tract that Pastor Jeff passed out in the video that “left the Mormon speechless”. Here is the landing page after you clicked the video on social media to go download the tract.

Provide value

Lead magnet’s are only as effective as the follow up emails. So I created a one week follow up email campain that started with a soft sell and created an urgancy to the ask for support. Here are the emails.

https://www.evernote.com/l/AcFLRmSMguJOM4ISWXzqacec8RtDcuaJkwE (Feel free to use the format for your own campaigns!) 

Grow support and nurture the list
Once we create urgency we asked for the support/sale and then nurture the list. This list will gain them more and more support over the coming years. Here are the results:

Over $3,500/month

Raised in Funds In One Month


Subscribers in one month

Average of $500

Per email sent


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