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Make Freedom Cha-Ching

Penrose is the only estimating tool for freelancers that prices your projects for you. So Penrose makes estimating projects easy, and profitable. It prices projects based upon a freedom rate. The freedom rate is based on a tool that helps you find your hourly freedom rate. It’s pretty amazing, and streamlines the whole estimating, proposal process by giving you assurance that you will make money in the process.

Don’t make them think

There is a fine line between teaching people how to use an interface and have the interface naturally be understood and usable. This is done through layout, structure, colors, fields and interactions that users would expect.

Simply easy to use

Simplicity is key to great and innovative product design. But simplicity (reduction of complexity) is way often confused with minimalist style (reduction of elements). In fact, simple looking, minimal product UIs often carry hidden complexity.

Delightful Interactions

Designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than making a product usable. Usability allows people to easily accomplish their goals. UX design covers more than that, it’s about giving people a delightful and meaningful experience. Check out the branding design process.


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