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Street Scout is where you can find homes for sale, home evaluations, estate data, and browse neighborhood repots for Arizona residents. Take a look at how it all works below. There were two main factors that I had to balance, usability and delight. We live in a the day of information overload. This website is no exception. Therefore, we needed to have information readily available on both desktop and mobile. 

Remove the question marks

Good usability starts with “don’t make people think” and the concept is simple. Remove barriers to getting to the content. This is not anti-intellectualism but rather don’t make users think about how to use your website. They should be thinking about the content you are presenting to them on the site. The barrier that I removed was having the top three main functions of the site nested within a mobile hamburger. I took them out and had them displayed for easy access.

The neighborhood function

This page is saturated with data, and there is a lot of scrolling involved. That is, if I didn’t put in a scroll to function. This scroll to function needed to be browseable naturally while also not taking up a ton of screen real estate. So I came up with this solution. Also, can I point on the navigation icons that match the logo pin? Yea, I like it too ?


Interactive Designer

Tim Schweitzer


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Tim Schweitzer

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