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End Abortion Now is a catch cry for a much broader movement to end abortion in the United states once and for all. The website was a hub for any church to be able to sign up their churches to get free resources and to send premaid emails to local state legislation to encourage them to stop the systematic killing of children in the womb.

I partnered with End Abortion Now to craft a strategy that positioned them to accomplish their bold goal. From there I designed a brand identity system, and developed a website to their three fold approach to ending abortion in the United states

Successful websites start with a clearly defined strategy.
Creating a website that makes it easy for church members to sign up their church, equip them with training, and change the hearts and minds of legislation is no easy task. So there was no doubt in my mind that we had to have some sort of strategy behind the website to ensure its success in its endeavours.
Identity system development
Bold, urgent, and heartening. The brand colors and textures are a reflection of the message to the community to herald the Gospel in the hardest of places with assurance in the scriptures and the who gave the original message. Take a look at the whole brand identity system I created for End Abortion Now
Wireframes and User Flow
Every website that I design rides a fine line between the goals of the organization and the goals of the user. While the over-arching goal of End Abortion Now was to end abortion there were several user goals that needed to be addressed and accomplished. We were able to strike a fine line between raising funds while also equipping individuals, and uniting the churches under one goal.
Mobile Friendly Web Design
Over 51% of internet users are now browsing the internet with their phone. Because of this, my primary goal for website usability is that the website needed to work seemlessly accross every device.
The Results:

Over $150,000

Raised in Funds In One Month


Churches who joined


Messages sent to legislation


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